Energy supplier of micro-processed perimeters

By a non-lethal electric shock, the system deters and repels any intrusion attempt. It is immune to false alarms and it is suitable for any weather condition.

Power shock has been designed to be non-lethal and it has been approved in accordance with the international security standards IEC 60355-2-76, Annex Bb2. It distinguishes alarms by electric discharge, cut of conductor and attempted sabotage. It is equipped with sensitivity leveling, automatic compensation of insulation loss, switch with ignition disconnection with discharge protection-fuse, outer hermetically sealed cabinet with ignition indicator leds, pulse, alarm, battery condition and energy supply.

It can be integrated to a conventional alarm panel or to a gprs/sms module throughout one of its two output relays (one of them timer-type).  Moreover, it has terminals designed for siren output and remote control input.

Aliara manufactures and distributes the whole set of assembly accessories for POWERSHOCK electrified fence onsisting of plastic insulators, aluminum mounting brackets, conductor wire, high-voltage cable, holding springs or standardized sign.

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